• 13 years of success

    13 years of success

    Unlucky number, you say? We disagree. For us, it's a number of fortune, since today we are celebrating our 13th anniversary. Over these 13 years we have: assembled an excellent team of developers who work very harmoniously and, of course, enjoy their time off successfully completed numerous projects made dozens...

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  • Welcome to our team!

    Ardes, mentoring
    Welcome to our team!

    Once again, the Ardecs Mentoring internship at our company has come to an end, and our ranks have been replenished with talented specialists. The guys went from being selected to join the training group to successfully passing the certification based on the training results. Let's wish them success in all...

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  • Winter Programming Championship

    Ardecs, SportProgramming, ISTU
    Winter Programming Championship

    Recently, we had the honor to support and become a part of the winter programming championship. The participants of the competition were students from Izhevsk State Technical University. The winners were those who scored the highest points for solving tasks within the competition. And we were pleased to participate in...

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  • Our employees are the core value of the company

    Our employees are the core value of the company

    Each of them contributes to the result and due to the professionalism and team cohesion helps our company to achieve its goals. We gathered to congratulate and thank our two outstanding colleagues for their invaluable contribution to the company's development! Guys, keep going!...

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  • 3 days in Sochi ...

    Ardecs, Sochi
    3 days in Sochi ...

    The corporate party in honour of our company's 10th anniversary finally took place. We really wanted to make this celebration special, and it seems we did! Mountains, sea, waterfalls and a bunch of good impressions! Guys, you are a dream team! We thank each of you for your input!...

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