• Winter Programming Championship

    Recently, we had the honor to support and become a part of the winter programming championship. The participants of the competition were students from Izhevsk State Technical University.

  • 3 days in Sochi ...

    The corporate party in honour of our company's 10th anniversary finally took place.

  • Ardecs on IT Drive 2019

    27.08.2019 was one of the most exciting events of the year – the third karting tournament IT Drive 2019.

  • The 35th Petrozavodsk Programming Camp

    The 35th Petrozavodsk Programming Camp was started in Petrozavodsk State University on 21 August.

  • Official message of thanks for the training for the MILKOM company

    The Ardecs company has received an official message of thanks for training conducting devoted to the Kanban system. The training was held for the Milkom company, Izhevsk city, the leading manufacturer of milk products. This event allowed the participants to understand basic principles of the Kanban system, which are flexible development methodologies, project management and team building.

  • The results of the XXII Ural Championship

    Finally there are the results of the XXII Ural Championship in competitive programming that was held on 11 and 12 May 2018. In total 29 teams participated in the Championship, they were from various cities of Russia such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk, Kazan, Miass, Samara, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg.

  • The XXII Ural Championship in competitive programming

    The XXII Ural Championship in competitive programming is held this year in Ufa. The contest takes place on May 11-12, 2018 at Congress-hall, Zaki Validi str., blg. 2. The Championship has been running annually since 1997 attracting smartest teams of the Ural region.

  • The results of programming contests in ISTU

    The Tournament of first-year students was held on Saturday, April 21. The purpose of the tournament was to introduce young people to similar contests and to attract them to participate in following contests.

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