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The company's competitiveness is mainly determined by the fact how effective and efficient the company uses IT-technologies in its business.

Nowadays IT-technologies are extremely in-demand in large-scale plants and small organizations. Former needs to process large amounts of data, in an effective and transparent control over business processes and performance, to increase the stability and process predictability. For small and medium businesses the sane use of IT-solutions is a guarantee of quick performance of a fine quality of goods and services, as well as an effective tool to forge relationships with clients.

For achieving these goals you require a complex approach and decent competency in the following areas:

  • analysis and formalization of the domain and information flows of the company;
  • audit of a software used in the enterprise;
  • trouble-shooting with the use of IT-solutions;
  • re-engineering of business process considering possibilities of using IT-technologies;
  • choice of optimal hardware and software architecture of the system;
  • project documentation development including correct requirements list
  • source code writing;
  • various component testing of information systems;
  • implementation and integration of software systems;
  • implement systems and user documentation;
  • end user training;
  • customer support and maintaining of information system.

Ardecs performs all these tasks at a top professional level starting from analysis of your needs and ending with implementation and maintainance of information system.

You face an issue — We have the solution!

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