The Ardecs company is going to be the sponsor of programming contests

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The Ardecs company is going to be the sponsor of programming contests

The Ardecs company is going to be the sponsor of programming contests which will be held on Saturday, April 21, and Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Team programming contest will take place on Saturday, April 21, within the walls of IzhSTU at the audience number 3-204. Mostly first-year students studying programming will take part in this contest. The beginning of the competition is starting at 14.30. This competition includes two rounds: test round and the main one. Solutions analysis should be held when both rounds are finished. The closing of the competition is scheduled for 19.15.

The purpose of the tournament is to get acquainted with companies and partners of IT field as well as to conduct the final rehearsal before the qualifying round of the XXII Urals Championship in competitive programming. Teams will consist of three members; each team should use one computer. Tasks solutions on the allowed (declared by the participants) programming languages ​​will be checked automatically in accordance with ACM contests rules (the largest student's programming contest). The decision will be scored if it passes final testing.

The qualifying online tour will be held on Sunday, April 22; It’s held before the XXII Urals Championship in sports programming. The qualifying round will also take place at the audience number 3-204 of IzhSTU. The beginning is planned approximately at 11-00.

Plushki team will take part at the qualifying tour; the team is represented by two developers of the Ardecs company, Denis Tatarinov and Kirill Bulatov. We sincerely believe that they will join then the Urals Championship in competitive programming and show us great results.

The Ardecs company appears as a sponsor not for the first time, it has already supported programming competitions for many times. So and during these competitions all the participants will receive gifts presented by the Ardecs company; the winners and all medalists will receive more valuable gifts.