• CRM systems

    Customer Relationship Management – it is an important part of the business. The company profit directly depends on the sales level, and the sales level in turn depends on customer satisfaction. Every new incoming request processing demands a lot of information, such as contact details, number of earlier orders, the person in charge. Even small businesses rarely have double-digit number of customers, so a simple excel-document is not good for quick and easy data access.

  • ERP systems

    As the name implies, the main purpose of ERP systems is enterprise resource planning. Properly configured ERP system will provide answers to questions like, "How was that?" and "How is it now?" as well as to "How will it be?", "How should it be?". Thus, all the data that are available in the system are not only used for accounting, but also for planning and optimization.

  • Business IT solutions

    Automation solutions for business is a quite extensive and not always unambiguous theme. Before buying or ordering software, the manager should answer following questions: