Integration of Online Trading Platforms System

Integration of Online Trading Platforms System
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The aim of the the development of automated information system is meeting the requirements of Federal Law "Trading platform draft for online auction holding" and "Placing orders for goods, execution of work, service orders, service orders for public and municipal use".

Information system Independent registrar shall be used for independent data collection, logging, storage, control and audit information in an open online auction on trading platforms and legal actions while publication of information about government goods and services orders on the Russian official web-site for public and municipal use (hereinafter – Russian official site).

The following tasks have been solved:

  • Collecting information from automated systems used in open online auctions on trading platforms of Operators selected in accordance with Regulation #466/763 from 14.11.2009
  • Monitoring of online auctions processes:
    • Guaranteed legal information delivery from online trading platforms and Russian official site in the information system Independent registrar;
    • Interaction with hardware and software of online trading platforms, Russian official site and information system "FAS-control" FAS of Russia;
    • Creating of control mechanisms over participating and managing online trading

Key solutions:

The architecture of the system is based on the concept Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The architecture of the system contains the following parts:

  • online trading platform server;
  • central message server;

In process of making the project the problem of fault tolerance of their operation, the distribution problems of messages load on the server and the delivery of data guarantee problem have been solved. Moreover in order to ensure the legal value of transmitted data the security problems have been resolved with the use of cryptographic information protection in accordance with the requirements of GOST encryption algorithms - using JCP Crypto-Pro.

Stack of Java technologies has been chosen as a technological base.