Happy Birthday, Ardecs!!!

Happy Birthday, Ardecs!!!

Ten years ago today, a group of like-minded people founded Ardecs.

Our very first independent project was being implemented in home office mode, and it was an excellent start for further development.

The number of people in the team grew, as well as the number of projects. Ten years is significant amount of time, were team enhanced skills, gained experience in software development at the level of participation in major public projects at state and federal levels, problem solving for foreign small and medium-sized enterprises, research projects.

Today, we can show ourselves to be experts getting quality results. Our goal is to build a long-term business relationship with every customer.

But ones never should stop improving itslef, because it's the key to success. And we say thank you to all, who were with us during these 10 years for your professionalism, responsibility and tireless energy.

Happy birthday, Ardecs!