XX training camp for programmers in ISTU

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XX training camp for programmers in ISTU

From 11 to 23 September Izhevsk State Technical University named after M.T. Kalashnikov will hold the 20th Sports Intellectual Competition of Programming for students in cooperation with M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. The purpose of training bootcamp is for teams to prepare for the International Collegiate Programming Contest among student teams ACM ICPC in 2017/18.
The competition will be held on the contest training camps, held at the end of the summer in Petrozavodsk State University.
Participation in the seminar-olympiad will be attended by students of IzhSTU, non-resident universities, as well as students of the best Izhevsk schools. Teams of the first (main) division will solve tasks, which were offered to the participants of the camp in Petrozavodsk state university in September. For teams of the second division online participation is available.
As always the program of the competition includes game rounds, tasks, lectures of scientists and representatives of the Olympiad movement, speeches of sponsors, cultural program. According to the results, winners and prize-winners will be determined both in ranking, and cup nominations.

Traditional participant - the Plushki team - also competes this season. The team, including the developers of the company Ardecs Tatarinov Denis and Bulatov Kirill, is considered to be the strongest team of ISTU and the odds-on favourite in the World finals of ACM ICPC this season. Team Coach, our colleague - Pavel Abizyayev, shared some ins and outs of the camp organization and participation of Plushki team:

Pavel, there is information that one of the members of Plushki team Denis Tatarinov will not participate in the training camp; what are the reasons?

Each member of the team has the opportunity to take part in the competition not more than five times or perform at the finals no more than twice. Denis has
just one opportunity left, so he was decided to skip this competition to perform more confidently in 2018. Despite that he can not take part in official contest, he is fully involved in training process and prepares for future competitions.

Camp will be held on the set of tasks given by Petrozavodsk. Does it mean that all tasks are known in advance and the solution with due preparation will be much easier?

Izhevsk camp is based on the same set of tasks as the camp in Petrozavodsk, and there finalist teams prepare to the world's championship. As a rule, the level of these tasks exceeds the level of tasks in the finals.The main goal of the teams in Izhevsk is not the very solving these tasks at the set time, but finishing them in the time free from activities.

What are the goals set for the team at this camp?

The purpose is to solve 70-80 of the most difficult tasks during the camp.

What are the further plans of the team?

After the training camp, the team faces scheduled team training, which lasts about 5 hours 2-3 times a week, as well as a few individual training.
We are also participating in official competitions such as the 1/4 finals in Yekaterinburg, the All-Siberian Open Olympiad in Programming in Novosibirsk and then the
the main tournament of this year the semifinal of the World Championship, which will be held in Saint-Petersburg in the beginning of December.

We wish Plushki team and all the participants achievements on the competition and professional success.